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Quality workmanship remains our number one goal.


We provide in-house production engineering and design to complete each customer’s conceptual project.

At Adrenalin Marine designers use 3D solid works, a solid modeler that utilizes a parametric feature-based approach to create models and assemblies. Solid works enable our design department to animate complex structures with ease, shortening the design cycle and increasing productivity.

Adrenalin Marine has recently added Sigma Nest to its suite of software. As the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting software, Sigma Nest is the driving force behind our CNC Flow waterjets and Multicam router.  At Adrenalin Marine we are able to cut up to 300″ in length efficiently. In most instances, we provide in-house production engineering and design to complete each customer’s conceptual project.

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Quality workmanship remains our number one goal.

Over the years Adrenalin Marine has implemented a number of plans and systematic patterns to assure that quality workmanship remains our number one goal.
Adrenalin proudly boasts itself as a Level 2 CWB certified company and retained the services of a group of professional engineers for inspections in magnetic particle testing, radiography and die pen testing.



Certification is maintained in:
– Steel & Stainless Steel W47.1
– Aluminium W47.2

Adrenalin Marine currently caters to the aircraft industry, oil and gas industry as well as the military and coast guard. The requirements for traceability by these iso certified customers has led Adrenalin Marine to develop a detailed methodology for tracing, testing and documentation of all components we manufacture.
All welding machines, CNC cutting equipment, and critical torque tools in production are calibrated and recorded. Customer QA records at Adrenalin Marine are all maintained electronically.




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Based in BC and with 25 years fabrication experience, Adrenalin Marine specializes in boat & aircraft and oil & gas industries to military and coast guard


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